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Jacques Chrétien


Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort (formerly The Jalousie Plantation)

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Val des pitons


Soufriere, Saint Lucia


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A native of the Loire Valley, France, Chef Chretien began his culinary career at age 15, working as an apprentice cook in Ligueil, France. But even before that time, he knew cooking was his calling.

My grandmother owned a large farm with many employees where she prepared three meals a day using her very own products. When the food was served at the table the taste was unbelievably flavorful,said Chef Chretien.After seeing the passion and drive that my grandmother had, at the age of 12, I knew I wanted to become a Chef,said Chef Chretien, who continues to use and adapt many of the recipes he learned as a child in his grandmother´s kitchen.

To this day, my grandmother remains as my greatest inspiration. She was cooking all the time and I was living with her. No matter what she was cooking, it always smelled good, even from far away when I was arriving home from school.
From his early start, the chef continued to work his way up through the kitchen ranks with stints at a number of the top Michelin star restaurants throughout France and in Europe, including Chez Bruneau in Belgium and La Tour d Argent in Paris both awarded three Michelin stars.

After opening and running his own restaurant in Saint Germain, Chef Chretien decided to take his talents across the Atlantic to oversee the opening of Maxim´s de Paris in Mexico City as executive chef, before moving to Hotel Esperanza, an Auberge Resort, and finally French Riviera Bakery & Bistro in San Jose del Cabo.

Among his most prized accomplishments was becoming a Maitres Cuisniers de France in 2005. This prestigious association only accepts chefs with proven technical ability and extensive experience in preserving and promoting the French culinary arts through execution of their craft.

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