The chef elected by his peers to preside over the U.S-Canadian delegation will adapt and interpret the mission directives of the worldwide Association des Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (MCF) as long as they “maintain and develop the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and solidarity among its members”.
Assisted in the task by a Secretary, the delegate (aka President) ensures that all rules and statutes are respected, both financially and morally. Current President Jean-Louis Dumonet is the fourth US-Canada delegate to be nominated by the President of the Executive Committee of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Previously in his stead were: Joseph Castaybert (1964-1974), André Soltner (1974-1994), Jean-Yves Piquet (1994-2006).

Our Officers are:


Jean Louis Dumonet


Claude Godard
Vice President

Philipe Boulot
Californie Nord-Ouest

Xavier Salomon
Californie Sud-Ouest

Bernard Cretier
Grands Lacs /Mid-Ouest

Nico Romo

Jérôme Ferrer