Eric Barale

Vice-President Culinary

Eric Barale was born in Toulouse in the Western South of France. In 1980, at 16 years old, he entered the culinary school of Toulouse for 2 years where he obtained his first culinary diploma.

Immediately after, he left for Paris where he began working in one of the famous luxury hotels, the “Hotel Concorde La Fayette”. During the next 10 years, he continued progressing within his trade, by working in various different luxury “Relais Chateaux” hotels and famous restaurants in France, Monaco, Switzerland, and Italy, most of these restaurants with stars in the “Michelin Guide”.

In 1990 he entered into teaching and taught the culinary technique with the Young French Students, and at the same time, he resumed his studies. He obtained a Culinary Masters and diploma in New Cooking Innovation and Technology.

In 1995 he continued to teach, in the form of consultant and engineer in the new modern process of cooking and for owners of restaurants and chefs in France. In 1999 He decided to leave France to join the cruise industry where he made his way up to Senior Director of Culinary Operations.

Eric Barale is also a member of the prestigious association “Master Chef of France” representing the USA delegation.



2015 – Worldwide Branding Professional of the Year in Culinary Direction

The Apollo Group