Éric Gonzalez

Éric Gonzalez

Executive Chef

Maître Cuisinier de France – 

Nothing in his childhood predisposed Eric Gonzalez to become the recognized cook he is now. He studied with Bernard Loiseau and Jacques Chibois, starred at 27, chef and restaurant of the year the same unique year! Éric Gonzalez composes contemporary cuisine for us in his generous, tasty, and refined image, inspired by his native Provence while using the riches of the Quebec region.

Today he decides to move from palace cuisine to palace cuisine, to be the guarantor of harmony between cuisine and a place. Eric reminds us above all that it is a pleasure to share, in no case will it be a recited lesson but the work of a team!

he refines his style the passion for his profession allows him to assemble different products every day, to update or reinterpret classics. Cooked with precision, they are then combined in a subtle alliance because each of his gestures are inspired by the traditions of the past to the gestures of the present between “Tradition and Modernity”.

“The language of the cook is not complex,” he says. It translates into Gluttony, Sincerity, Generosity … What Happiness!

The sustainability of this cuisine today goes through the evocation of this cuisine that capsizes the senses, creating emotion and thus transforming each meal into an unforgettable experience that leaves above all……………… “the taste of memory”.

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