Gilles Schreiber

Executive Chef

Growing up in Mutzig, a small town in Alsace, France surrounded by the sounds and delicious smells of his mother’s cooking, Gilles Schreiber discovered his love of food. His mother taught him the basic techniques in the kitchen and what true joy it was to host family and friends. Schreiber joined The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta in 2017 working closely with AG, a modern bar and steakhouse, and driving excellence, passion, and knowledge throughout the hotel. He showcases a strong desire to share the talents he has learned and train his team to be the most skilled Chefs in the industry. Schreiber’s favorite dish to cook is fish; the top choices are halibut or turbot. He says “anyone can cook meat, but cooking fish is a science.” Seasoned with Asian flavors and a glass of Chablis is the way you will find him enjoying his favorite meal at home.

Ritz Carlton

The AG at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta is a modern steakhouse experience inspired by Southern hospitality. Our menu focuses on food sourcing that is sustainable and responsible and features local producers throughout the menu.