Jacques Sorci

Maître Cuisinier de France Since 2003

Jacques Sorci

Executive Chef

Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

One of the top Executive Chefs and Food and Beverage professional in the United States, I have over 30 years of creating exceptional food and fine dining experiences. I have worked alongside exceptionally talented culinarians throughout my career, amassing extensive experience in 5-star and Michelin star-rated luxury hotels and restaurants across the US and Europe. Born in France, I completed my culinary education and training in France and Switzerland before moving to the US, where I now hold dual French and US citizenship. I head the Arizona Biltmore culinary department and initiated the repositioning and all food concepts throughout the hotel repositioning. I held the position of Vice President, Culinary Global with the Hakkasan Group, where I lead the transition to sustainable, additive free cooking for all three Cantonese concepts globally. My international culinary experiences have allowed me to work in a multitude of atmospheres pleasing an array of palettes, expanding my reaction to food trends and my awareness of customer appeal. In 2003 I was inducted into the prestigious “The Maîtres Cuisiniers de France” association and into the “Académie Culinaire de France” in 2004. As a distinguished Executive Chef, I have been an integral part of development teams responsible for major hotel renovations and restaurant re-conceptualization projects for luxury properties spanning the US. Most notably, and of particular importance to me, was participating in the opening team of the Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park immediately after 9/11 as well as the rebirth of the iconic New-York Palace in 2013. Proven to do well in challenging situations, my positive leadership has significant impact on those I mentor. I have developed strong leadership skills through Dale Carnegie training that I now use when assembling my own teams so I can bring out the best of each talented culinarian. Having led entire culinary operations through multi-million dollar renovations, designing kitchens, re-concepting restaurants, and applying the highest culinary standard to the world’s leading food concepts, I meet the executive challenges of Food & Beverage operations while maintaining the highest level of luxury.

Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room is the original home of New York glamour and entertainment. A place where the food, the service, and the skyline all come together to create incomparable, unforgettable experiences.