Jean-Pierre Vuillermet

Jean-Pierre Vuillermet

Owner/Executive Chef

Maîtres Cuisiniers de France

Jean Pierre grew up in a family of chefs and hoteliers. For four generations his family-owned and operated a restaurant and resort in an old European spa town at the foot of the French Alps. So many of Jean Pierre’s fondest memories come from his childhood experiences with family and sharing the simple beauty of creating and sharing a meal together. These are the roots from which Bar Bouchée was born.

Jean Pierre’s pursuit of his passion began with apprenticeships in France and Switzerland. He worked at the Michelin two-star restaurants of Master Chefs Paul Blanc and Gaston Lenôtre. A call to become Chef at Robert Henry’s, a new restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut brought Jean Pierre to New England in 1987 where he made his mark on haute cuisine in Connecticut, receiving the highest critical accolades from the food media.

Jean Pierre opened his own restaurant, Union League Café, on the site of Robert Henry’s in 1993 and has consistently garnered top awards and rave reviews. But he always wanted a small neighborhood bistro. One that would be a gathering place to enjoy the food and wines that defined his childhood. Bar Bouchée is the realization of Jean Pierre’s dream to create a restaurant that felt like coming home.

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