Maître Cuisinier de France Since 2007

Jean-Robert De Cavel

Chef Owner

Maître Cuisinier de France

Jean-Robert was born in France and worked abroad before moving to the United States. His first experience in the US was in New York City; he served as the Chef de Cuisine at Le Régence & La Gauloise within Plaza Athénée. He moved to Cincinnati in 1993 to become the Chef de Cuisine at the Maisonette, maintaining the restaurant’s Mobil 5 Star rating during his tenure. He was a founding partner and Chef de Cuisine at Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, JeanRo Bistro, Pho Paris, Greenup Café, and Lavomatic Café. He was named a Master Chef by Maîtres Cuisiniers de France in 2007. In 2009, he was named Chef-in-Residence at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State.

In 2010 Jean-Robert’s Table opened in downtown Cincinnati and in 2013, French Crust Café joined the area. It moved to Findlay Market in 2016, transforming to French Crust Café & BistroLe Bar a Boeuf began serving customers on Victory Parkway in 2015. For Jean-Robert, 2016 was an eventful year, as he joined forces with partners to open both the fast-casual Frenchie Fresh and the fine dining delight Restaurant L.

Jean-Robert's Table