Maître Cuisinier de France Since 1996

José Gutierrez

Executive Chef

Maître Cuisinier de France

Chef José Gutierrez is a world-class culinary master chef living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. Chef José Gutierrez invites you to enjoy a culinary experience at his French-American Bistro-style restaurant, River Oaks. Chef José Gutierrez’s exceptional culinary creativity can be traced to his French heritage and Southern influences. Although native to France with Spanish roots, Chef José has been a Memphis resident for over 30 years and hence, has become a true Southerner. He was born in Provence, France and began his culinary career at the Professional Culinary School in Manosque, France. After school, he worked under the direction of several esteemed chefs and then trained with the celebrated chef Paul Bocuse, creator of Nouvelle Cuisine.

At the age of 22, he moved to Houston, Texas, to serve as chef de cuisine at Restaurant de France at the Meridien Hotel.

Two and half years later, in 1982, he began what turned out to be a distinguished, unparalleled 22-year career at the Peabody Hotel’s Chez Philippe.

Here he hosted “master nights” for master chefs and artists and guests included numerous dignitaries like Julia Child.

He also held extravagantly themed dinners like the Celebration of Cristal Champagne (traditional champagne of Russian czars), where he created an 18-course menu based on an original 25-course menu from 1872 that Russian Grand Duke Alexei Romanov savored when he visited Memphis.

In 2005, Chef José opened his own restaurant, Encore Restaurant and Bar, where he delighted guests with his contemporary French-style bistro cuisine.

Five years later he joined River Oaks Restaurant, which he and his wife, Colleen, now own. Chef José has expertly guided River Oaks Restaurant to its status today as one of Memphis’ premier dining environments.

Honors & Awards
  • Master Chef of the Year Designation – Maîtres Cuisiniers de France – 2011
  • Sullivan Univ. National Center for Hospitality Studies, Great American Chef Award – 1999
  • Chef of the Century by The American Academy of Hospitality and Sciences – 1998
  • Restaurant & Institution Magazine Ivy Award Winner – 1997
  • Master Chef Designation – Maître Cuisinier de France – 1996
  • Food & Wine Magazine “America’s Best New Chef” Award – 1990

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